How can you strengthen the bonds between your sponsors and your golf club?

Promoting a sustainable sponsorship concept is a top priority for numerous clubs throughout Europe. Sponsors, along with membership and Greenfees, play a vital role in providing the necessary funding for the daily operations of these clubs. Therefore, it is crucial to make sure that the sponsors in your Club feel valued and appreciated.

Typically, most clubs offer fixed sponsor packages that include visible exposure on the golf course or in the clubhouse, as well as additional perks like green fee tickets, access to the business club, and sponsor matches throughout the year. Keeping sponsors satisfied in a golf club is essential for maintaining strong relationships and securing future support.

But how can you strengthen the bonds between your sponsors and your golf club?

In GLFR, we assist clubs to enhance the members’ experience through their very own unique Club App. The app consolidates everything a golfer needs into one place, creating a seamless and close connection between the club and its members.
Therefore the Club App is an effective media to enhance the benefits for your sponsors through to your members.

By centralizing all the services that your members require within the Club App, you create a go-to destination for all things related to your club’s activities. This not only strengthens your existing relationships but also attracts potential sponsors in the future.

As a result, you have the opportunity to secure the highly sought-after sponsor position within your Club App, providing added value to your partners and increasing your revenue through supplementary sponsorships, including the coveted Club App sponsor slot.

When it comes to the GPS Course Guide, sponsors are typically featured prominently on golf course guides or teesigns with their logos. However, with a Club App, you can go beyond that. You can add links to their webpage within the Club App/GPS course guide. This opens up new possibilities for additional sponsorships or attracting new sponsors. Sponsorships can be sold as banner ads on individual holes or as full-page advertisements.

By leveraging the power of your Club App, you can take your sponsor relationships to new heights and maximize the benefits for both your sponsors and your golf club

Here are some ideas for the App 
Sponsorship Recognition:
Establish a dedicated section in your app where you prominently showcase your sponsors’ logos and names. This enhanced visibility will significantly boost their brand recognition among your esteemed club members and valued visitors.

Push Notifications:
Utilize push notifications to promptly notify app users about exclusive offers, enticing promotions, or exciting events sponsored by your partners. Ensure that these notifications are tailored to be relevant to your users, striking the perfect balance between engagement and avoiding being overly intrusive.

Partner Discounts:
Negotiate exclusive discounts or special offers with sponsors for the benefit of your cherished club members or app users. These irresistible discounts can be easily accessed through the app, enticing members to seize the opportunity and indulge in your sponsors’ exceptional products or services.

Social Media Integration:
Forge a seamless connection between your app and your club’s social media accounts, encouraging sponsors to actively engage with your vibrant community through these dynamic platforms. Highlight their unwavering commitment and invaluable support in your captivating social media posts, further solidifying their involvement and dedication.


Communication with your Sponsors
Always maintain open communication with sponsors, and listen to their specific needs and goals to ensure you’re tailoring your efforts to their expectations. Building strong, long-term relationships with sponsors is key to securing their continued support and enhancing the value they receive from your golf club app.

If you would like to hear more about your own Club App and the possibilities within, feel free to contact us here.

About GLFR:

Ingenium Golf is the driving force behind GLFR, a Golf app for golfers and golf clubs.

We assist clubs in streamlining their communication with members and guests through their very own unique Club App. The app brings together everything a golfer needs in one place, creating a seamless and close connection between the club and its members.

In the GLFR blog, we share insights and recommendations on club management based on our own experience and ongoing dialogue with golf clubs across Europe.

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