GLFR Business

Introducing GLFR Business, the ultimate solution for golf clubs seeking to enhance their members’ experience.

GLFR Business is not just a collection of tools like the GLFR Club App, GPS Course Guide,  GLFR Greenkeeper and  GLFR Print; it represents a comprehensive set of resources designed to elevate the overall golf experience within your club. These tools go beyond their individual functionalities to seamlessly integrate and enhance various aspects of the golfing journey for both members and staff.

GLFR Club App!

– Your Club App!

With your exclusive Club App, members can simply and easily stay up to date with the latest Course Status and Club News, all with just a single click.

Not only that, but you can also instantly send Push Notifications directly to their mobile phones, keeping them informed and engaged at all times.

Furthermore, important information regarding the Office, Restaurant, and Pro Shop opening hours can be easily and quickly shared through your Club App…read more

GLFR Course Guide

– Your digital Course Guide app

Present your course in the best possible way in your own Club App

With GLFR Business, you get a powerful graphic expression in your digital course guide, where we pay extra attention to the details by mapping the course with several different levels of rough, penalty areas, markings, paths, out of bounds, tee areas, next tee, so the player has a great overview of the hole….read more

GLFR Greenkeeper

– Run your golf course more efficiently with GLFR Greenkeeper

Experience the power of the Greenkeeper’s exclusive App, providing you with a wide range of efficient tools to enhance your everyday tasks. From effortlessly creating Course Status updates to easily setting the Pin Position for the day, the Greenkeeper App has got you covered.

With GLFR Greenkeeper, measuring and recording technical installations like sprinklers and irrigation systems becomes a breeze. Say goodbye to manual calculations and hello to streamlined efficiency.

But that’s not all – your collegeus also have access to this valuable information through the GLFR Greenkeeper App and GLFR Business…. read more

GLFR Print

Course Guides, Tee Signs  Overview Maps

GLFR Print offers a comprehensive range of printed golf course materials, including customized course guides, tee signs, and overview maps.

With access to the same incredible graphic capabilities as the GLFR app, you can personalize your course guide and tee signs to perfectly complement your unique course design and meet your specific needs.

Pricing & Plans

– Find the perfect option for your budget and requirements.

Customize your package to align with your goals and unlock a world of possibilities. Our pricing and plans provide exceptional value and unbeatable customer support.

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