GLFR Greenkeeper

Manage your golf course more efficiently with GLFR Greenkeeper

In your daily work, GLFR Greenkeeper will not only assist you in keeping members and guests updated on the condition of the course or the pin position for the day, but you will also  have all the information about areas and tech you need at your fingertips to ensure the course is in impeccable condition.

 GLFR Greenkeeper App

– Course Status, Pin Position, Areas & Tech overview

In your everyday work, the GLFR Greenkeeper app will assist you in keeping members and guests updated on the condition of the golf course or today’s Pin Position. Additionally, you can also have a comprehensive overview of the areas and technology on each hole

With GLFR, you can effortlessly distribute your Course Status as a Push Notification on members’ phones. At the same time, the news can automatically be updated on both your Facebook page and club website. This ensures that members are always well-informed about what’s happening on the course.

With GLFR Pin Position, you can add today’s pin placement to the digital course guide in GLFR whenever they move the holes. This ensures that players always have the exact distance to the hole, no matter where they are on the course.

Our new Pin Position feature in the GLFR Greenkeeper App makes it even easier to provide exceptional service to guests and members, while also saving time and taking better care of your course.

We’ve created a video showcasing just how simple it is to set the Pin Position in GLFR Greenkeeper – watch it here.

Detailed mapping of your Course

GLFR Greenkeeper is a dynamic tool that always keeps your course data up to date.

When GLFR maps a new golf course we pay attention to the details of mapping the course including several different levels of rough, penalty areas, distance markers, paths, out of bounds, tee areas and next tee and thereby giving you a complete overview of your golf course.

GLFR Greenkeeper provides you with accurate measurements of the course’s areas, making budgeting and purchasing planning of fertiliser and grass seeds  a breeze. No more guesswork or estimation.
And with precise area measurements, you can confidently report your  use in the Green Annual Report or reports to the management in your Club.

GLFR Greenkeeper is also a dynamic tool that helps you to keep your course data up to date . You can easily change cutting lines at fairways or greens areas, add new bunkers, hazards or remove trees or bunkers.  Just add or remove the elements in the GLFR Greenkeeper App and you will have updated course data and Course Guide.

It is that simple to manage your course in GLFR Greenkeeper!

Mapping of your Course Tech

– Log your tech installations

Introducing GLFR, the ultimate solution for managing your golf course’s tech installations. With GLFR, you will have access to a comprehensive GPS overview of every single tech installation on your course, ranging from irrigation lines to sprinklers to control boxes. Imagine the convenience of being able to track and monitor all these crucial elements with just a few clicks.

With GLFR, you can also register important details such as the brand, product name, serial number, and even the last maintenance date of each installation. GLFR ensures that every piece of information is at your fingertips, ready to be utilized for maximum efficiency.

Imagine the power of having all this information in one centralized platform. With GLFR, you can easily track and schedule maintenance tasks, ensuring that everything is running smoothly and efficiently.

Throughout the entire 2022 season, Losby Golfklubb has utilized GLFR. We have relied on it for daily course marking and hole placements. Our members have found it invaluable during their rounds. We are extremely pleased with GLFR as both a course management tool and an app for our members. Moving forward into 2023, we plan to further enhance its usage with an improved course guide and a direct link to news updates within the app.

Ronny Engen
Sports Consultant

We are delighted with the service, product, and quality! GLFR delivers and they are a company in development with new ideas and perspectives

Bente Rosenberg
Managing Director

We have been using GLFR as our course guide for the past few years and we are extremely satisfied. With the features in the new Gimme union app, we have the opportunity to gather everything in one place. This saves time and money for the clubs and provides a better experience for the players.

Matthias Gullberg
Managing Director

We at Haga Golf are extremely satisfied with the GLFR Business platform. It presents our club and 27 holes in a professional way to our members and guests, and they easily get the information they need. GLFR Business definitely helps improve our Customer Experience at Haga Golf.

Andreas Thorp

Over the past two seasons, we have been using GLFR Business, and both our greenkeeping team and golfers are absolutely thrilled with it.

For the past two seasons, we have also utilized Pin Positions on both of our courses, much to the delight of our golfers. We are particularly thrilled with the new update that allows us to register pin positions directly on our smartphones.

Ishøj Golf has been using GLFR Business for two seasons, and we wholeheartedly recommend it to other clubs.

Mikael Rasmussen
Golf Course Superintendent

We are thrilled to have received an incredible course guide that fully reflects our profile and embodies the exclusive expression that one would expect from Denmark’s oldest club.

The entire process, from idea to the final result, has been incredibly satisfying. We are now eagerly looking forward to starting to use GLFR as our official Club App for our members.

Christian Tage Nyvang Hansen
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