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GLFR Business is not just a collection of tools; it’s a comprehensive suite of resources meticulously crafted to elevate the golfing experience within your club. Among these powerful tools, the Greenkeeper App stands out as a game-changer, offering indispensable features that revolutionize course management and enhance the overall golfing ambiance.

One of the Greenkeeper App’s standout features is the real-time Course Status updates. Greenkeepers can effortlessly communicate vital information about the course conditions, ensuring that golfers are well-informed before they even set foot on the green. Whether it’s information about recent maintenance activities, current weather conditions, or any temporary adjustments to the course layout, the Course Status feature keeps golfers in the loop, allowing them to plan their game accordingly.

Additionally, the Greenkeeper App provides a unique and invaluable feature known as “Today’s Pin Position.” This feature allows groundkeepers to digitally set and communicate the daily pin placements on each hole. Golfers, armed with this information, can strategically plan their shots based on the day’s pin positions, adding a layer of strategy and excitement to their rounds. Knowing the exact location of the pin not only enhances the golfing experience but also encourages golfers to refine their approach and finesse on the course.

Furthermore, the Course Status and Today’s Pin Position features work in tandem to create a dynamic and responsive golfing environment. Golfers can check the app before their tee time to receive real-time updates on the course conditions and Pin Position, ensuring that they are well-prepared for an optimal day of golf.

Losby Golfklubb has chosen GLFR as supplier of their official Club App, using it to distribute Course Updates to both members and guests. The app also serves as their digital course guide, providing accurate pin positions that help golfers navigate the course with ease.

Losby Golfklubbs statement:
“Throughout the entire season, we relied on GLFR for daily Course Updates and Pin Positions. Our members found it invaluable during their rounds. We are extremely pleased with GLFR as both a course management tool and an app for our members. Looking ahead, we are committed to further enhancing GLFR’s functionality. Our plans include an improved course guide and a direct link to news updates within the app”.

Incorporating the Greenkeeper App into your club’s operations not only streamlines course management but also enriches the golfer’s experience by providing them with timely and pertinent information. It’s a testament to how technology can seamlessly integrate with the traditional sport of golf, enhancing both the practical aspects of course maintenance and the strategic elements of the game itself. With GLFR Business, your club embraces innovation, ensuring that every round played is a well-informed, enjoyable, and memorable experience for all golf enthusiasts.

Customer statement:

About GLFR:

Ingenium Golf is the driving force behind GLFR, a Golf app for golfers and golf clubs.

We assist clubs in streamlining their communication with members and guests through their very own unique Club App. The app brings together everything a golfer needs in one place, creating a seamless and close connection between the club and its members.

In the GLFR blog, we share insights and recommendations on club management based on our own experience and ongoing dialogue with golf clubs across Europe.

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