Remember to update all your elements on your Golf Course before the season starts

As is well known, the storm named Rolf brought strong winds over Denmark leading up to the weekend, which likely resulted in several golf clubs losing trees. In many clubs, the greenkeepers have worked hard to minimize the damage and repair any that occurred as a result of the storm.

Meanwhile, preparations for the upcoming season are in full swing at the clubs. Greenkeepers and volunteers are working to prepare the course for opening by clearing the forest and felling trees, as well as integrating new course elements such as bunkers, tees, or other facilities that were established over the winter.

Unfortunately, many clubs neglect to update changes and improvements to the course in their course guide and on tee signs, resulting in an outdated guide and signage at the start of the season. Many overlook this in the hustle and bustle, assuming things will work out anyway, but keeping the course updated is actually quite simple.

With GLFR Business and GLFR Greenkeeper, you have all the tools you need at your fingertips to keep your course updated at all times. GLFR Greenkeeper is a dynamic tool that helps you update your course data. You can easily adjust cut lines on fairways or green areas, add or remove bunkers or trees with just a few clicks in the GLFR Greenkeeper app.

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With our many years of experience in the golf industry, we have a deep understanding of your needs, and we are always ready to assist you.

PS: We have meticulously mapped out all the details of your golf course, from fairways, greens, bunkers, and rough to penalty areas, distance markers, paths, out of bounds, and tee areas, so you can quickly get help and get back to your tasks before the season starts

About GLFR:

Ingenium Golf is the driving force behind GLFR, a Golf app for golfers and golf clubs.

We assist clubs in streamlining their communication with members and guests through their very own unique Club App. The app brings together everything a golfer needs in one place, creating a seamless and close connection between the club and its members.

In the GLFR blog, we share insights and recommendations on club management based on our own experience and ongoing dialogue with golf clubs across Europe.

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