Keep track of your shots with GLFR Shot Tracker

You have seen it on TV and all the big tours have it – now, you can also get a Shot Tracker for your game with GLFR.

With a simple click of a button, GLFR keeps track of the location of your shots. The location is saved immediately, so you can see exactly how long your drive was or how far that perfect 5i draw went.

Using GLFR Shot Tracker is the first step in using GLFR to become a better golfer. We are building advanced features, so your Shot Track can be used to calculate stuff like your average drive distance, preferred approach distance, greens in regulation and much more. So start tracking today and we will have your stats ready as soon as possible!

How to use the Shot Tracker of optimal performance

  • Track each shot when you are at the ball

    When you add a new shot with the (+) button, GLFR automatically saves that position. So, stand next to your ball when you click (+) and GLFR takes care of the rest.

  • Get the right distance off the tee

    To get the most out of GLFR Shot Tracker, you should add the shot from where you took it – not where it landed. Start off by adding your first shot on the tee.

  • Track each shot through the green

    Every time you are at your ball, all you need to do is click the (+) button. You will see the track in GLFR right away, showing your drive distance, approach etc.

  • Add penalty strokes where you take them

    Every now and then, the ball doesn’t do exactly as planned and you need to take a penalty shot or a provisional. Add those extra shots where you made mistake – then GLFR knows what happened.

    E.g. if you shoot a ball OB from the tee, add the two extra shots after putting a new ball in play. If your new ball was provisional, and you find the first one, simply remove the two extra shots when you find it and add your second shot from the new location.

  • Add your putts while waiting on the green

    Usually, there is a little waiting time while on the green and your partners are putting. Use that time to add your putts before you take them. If you miss your putt and have to do a little tap in, add those two putts add the same time to save a little time.

  • Remember to think about Pace of Play

    Remember that using GLFR Shot Tracker shouldn’t mean a longer shot routine. It doesn’t matter if you add the shot before or after you take it.

    So, if you are waiting for a partner to take their shot, use that time to add yours to your Shot Track. If you are the first to arrive at your ball, take your shot and add the location afterwards.

Download GLFR today and track your shots like the pros.

GLFR is as always completely free, and you can start using all the features today. Download GLFR, find your course today and you are one step closer to your next birdie!

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