Replay every shot with my.GLFR

We are proud to introduce our newest addition to the GLFR family – my.GLFR. Our goal with my.GLFR is to create a platform where you can REPLAY every shot, SHARE with your friends, COMPARE with the best and IMPROVE your game.

We are starting at the REPLAY part, and hope that your feedback and ideas can help us build the perfect golf platform for you! Even though everything is not ready yet, we wanted to share what we have built with you, so you can start getting the benefits from your data today!

my.GLFR Game Preview

Your game preview

my.GLFR Game Details

Game details and Shot Track

All the details of your game and your Shot Track

Every game you have played and every shot you have taken with the GLFR app can be seen on my.GLFR. If you have used GLFR’s Shot Tracker feature, you can even see where you took every shot and how far you got – just like you know it from the big tours! If you haven’t tried Shot Tracker yet, you can read more about it here.

We are hard at work extending the Shot Tracker features, so you can get even more details of your game, like FiR, GiR and putts. All the new stats will be available on my.GLFR. More about that when we are ready!

To the left of your Shot Track, we are showing a graph of your Hole by Hole Performance. The graph shows the progression of your stableford points throughout the round and how close you are to par.

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