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2. Create your GLFR account

Create your GLFR account

When opening GLFR for the first time, you will be directed to our Sign-up screen. Here you can create your new and completely free account.

With your personal account in GLFR, you will get access to our whole library of courses, so you can use the same app wherever you play.

GLFR - Sign up
GLFR - Login Screen

Have a user in the old app?

If you have a user in the old INGO Course Guide app already, it is even easier to get started. We converted all the old users to the GLFR platform – the only thing you need to do is log in.

Swipe to the login-screen in GLFR, enter your email and password and you are good to go. If you cannot remember your password from last season, you can request a reset from the app.

3. Find courses

Pro and Basic clubs

With GLFR you can find a large number of courses, and play them with the best and most updated maps on the market.

A number of clubs have partnered with us to deliver an even better service to you – we call them Pro clubs. At Pro clubs you get a much more detailed course guide, where all the trees, hazards and other challenges on the course are measured in every detail. You can also find extended information about these clubs, for example, opening hours, green fee and how you get in touch with them.

You will recognize the Pro clubs in GLFR by the green GLFR stamp in the clubs list, and you can also see a small selection of them below.

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GLFR - Clubs - Nearby


On the Home page we present the courses we think are most relevant to you when you open GLFR.


Near you

Here you will find all the clubs in GLFR, sorted in distance from your current position.



The most popular clubs in GLFR right now – see which other courses golfers are playing.


All clubs

A list of all clubs sorted alphabetically, making it easy for you to find what you are looking for.

4. Play golf
GLFR - Playing - Collapsed


With an accurate and updated overview of the course, it will be a little bit easier to decide your strategy for the hole.



Zoom in on details to avoid unpleasant surprises during the round.



Follow your position on the course, and you will know what lies between you and your next birdie.



Measure your distances from/to tees, greens and everything in between, so you always know which club to choose.



Register your shots with a single click on the phone. We let you focus on your game and those you play with.



Your points, total number of shots, birdies, etc. We keep track of it all, so you have it when the round is finalized.

GLFR - Playing - Normal

All you need on the course

The right information about the course is the key to making the right decisions.

With GLFR, you get exactly the information you need to get closer to your next birdie.

Your next shot

With GLFR, you can always find the optimal distance for your next shot. You can place your target anywhere, and ensure that hazards and other obstacles are avoided.

Find your distance

When you place your target, you also get the distance from there to the green. So whether you favor a precise pitch or a crisp 8-iron into green, you can plan your approach with GLFR.

Focus on the game

Focus on the game and the next shot is the safest way to a better score, therefore the scorecard in GLFR is as easy to use as possible. With a single touch of the screen per shot, you have registered what’s needed – GLFR keeps track of the rest.