GLFR 5.0 is finally here

With GLFR 5.0 everything is new, but most is as it has always been.
Check out the video below to get an introduction to your new and improved Golf and Club App
(Video in English will come soon)

Known issues – help us make GLFR 5 better

Every line of code for the new app is completely new, so even though GLFR has been around for 7(!) years, GLFR 5 will probably have some small errors here and there.

If you experience an issue, a button that looks weird or find a missing feature, please let us know on and we’ll update as soon as possible.

Apple Watch not syncing scores correctly

Some users are experiencing issues with the Apple Watch integration not saving scores correctly to the phone and jumping to wrong holes.
For most users, the fix seems to be completely re-installing GLFR on your phone (and thus your watch) which resets the connection and makes things work again. We are working on a more permanent fix to get back to the stability we had before the update.

Logging in with email – where is the button?

This error is related to the text size error and smaller screens. If you have either large text or a smaller screen (less than 5″), the login button can be hard to find. But, after clicking “other options”, it is the button in the bottom right side of the screen, next to the Sign Up with Email button 👍 This should be fixed in version 5.0.8 or greater, so update now if you haven’t already.

Scores not saving correctly

When using “Simple Scoring”, where score input shows up after every hole, sometimes the scores are not saved. To fix this for now, simply count to 5 after setting up the scores, to give the app time to sync with the server. This should be fixed in version 5.0.8 or greater, so update now if you haven’t already.

Layouts of scorecard and buttons look weird

In GLFR 5.0 we’ve added an option for larger text (see it in the profile). Unfortunately, this can result in a bad UI if your phone settings also try to force extra large texts. This especially affects the layout of the scorecard. The temporary fix should be setting text size to Small in the Profile of GLFR undtil we find a way to support even larger texts from the phone settings 🧐 This should be fixed in version 5.0.8 or greatm so update now if you haven’t already.

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  • Når jeg vælger at se scorekort på min Samsung s21 bliver der kun vist 2½ af de valgte spillere. Det ville være rart at man kunne se alle 4, når man vælger den mindste skrifttype. Er det ikke muligt at tilføje en funktion, så man fra scorekort blot ved tryk på hul nr. vil have mulighed for at redigere eller indtaste score direkte i scorekort

    • Hej Tommy
      Når du er inde på scorekortet kan du oppe til højre trykke på en lille funktion som er to pile der peger ind imod to lodrette streger. Hvis du trykker her “kollapser” scorekortet og fylder markant mindre. Det er ikke på alle telefoner at man kan se alle 4 spillere, men det bliver meget lettere at overskue.
      Tryk på ikonet igen for at udvide scorekortet, så du kan se alle detaljer igen 🙂


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