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The new “My Bag” feature in GLFR – what is this?

Only recently GLFR added the feature “My Bag” to the GLFR app. But why should you use this?

“My Bag” is like your personal caddie!

This is really smart, because GLFR can give you recommendations for what club to choose, to make the best result on the hole. You need to set up the “My Bag” feature and add distances for each club in your bag, then GLFR can make the recommendations, based on these distances. All you need to do is put your finger where you want to land your tee-shot, and GLFR makes the recommendation. If you feel uncomfortable with the recommended club, or you don’t like the distance you have left for the 2nd. shot, just drag the pointer to a different location, and the club-recommendation will automatically change.

Set up “My Bag”

Open the GLFR app, and either tap the menu icon in the top left of your screen, or drag your finger across the screen from the left side. This opens the menu for all your details.

Tap the “My Bag” to open the settings for the bag.

You can choose your clubs from the list, or you can set up your clubs and irons completely manually.

Choose your clubs

Choose your bag setup from the preset list. If your have a different setup than what we show in the list, choose the clubs that you do have, and add the rest afterwards.

Set your distances

We have a pre-set of distances matching the irons on the list. You can edit these individually by cliking the club. Or you can add a club manually, that you didn’t find on the list, by clicking the + sign.

Edit individual clubs

Set the distance for each club, by choosing them on the list. We recommend that you set the distance to match your average length for the club, to get the most accurate result. Save by clicking on the “Disc” icon.

How does “My Bag” work on the course?

After setting up your clubs and distances for your bag, all you need to do is tap the screen, where you want to measure or land the tee-shot.

GLFR then tells you which club to choose for the tee-shot and which club you will need for the 2nd. shot.

If you put your finger on the arrow and drag it around the screen, you will see that GLFR changes the recommended club, for both your tee-shot and the next one. Use this feature to plan how to play the hole, and how you can use your favorite clubs to get the best score.

If you are used to pulling out the driver on any hole longer than 250 meter, and just hope for the best, this feature can really help you get a better score. Wouldn’t you rather hit a 6 iron to the middle of the fairway and hit the green center with your 9 iron? Instead of picking the driver and ending up in deep rough, what might be 30 meter to the right, without a single chance of getting to the green in the next shot.

This is where “My Bag” can really help you plan better, and hit the right club combination to maximize your score.

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