Use the GLFR course guide

Using the course guide

GLFR is your universal course guide, to all norwegian and danish golfcourses, plus you can even find a lot of international courses, with more to come.

While you play with GLFR, you will get accurate distance readings on the course. It is easy, quick and a great help, to get around the course with ease.

There are several ways to download a course with GLFR.

GLFR will initially show you courses near to you. Just click on the course name and choose the course you want to download. Are you planning a trip further away, you can search for the course name at the top right corner.

On the course

When you are out on the course, GLFR will show the distance from your position, to center green. Put your finger on the screen to measure distances to a specific point. If you hvae to cross a lake with your tee-shot, just put your finger at the back of the lake, to get the distance to clear it.

When you reach your ball position, preferably on the fairway, GLFR shows the distance from this position, to the green center. If there is a bunker between you and the flag, just put your finger on the back edge of the bunker to measure the distance, and GLFR willl also tell you the distance from the bunker to the green center.

Find your distances

If you are playing a par 5, and you went a little off with the drive, you can use GLFR to tell you the distance to the green center, but you can also “cut the distance in half”. If the distance is too far to reach in one stroke, just put your finger where you want to land the second shot. You can drag your finger around the screen, to measure the distance at various spots, and to determine the distance you have to reach your favorite distance for the third shot.

GLFR is a fantastic help to navigate new courses, especially when you are playing a new course, if your have a blind shot, or if your got into trouble and need to find the best way back to fairway.

Have fun with your game and GLFR.

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