Make your GamePlan with GLFR

Making a good GamePlan is essential for many golfers – especially the Pro’s. Adding your GamePlan to GLFR is very easy, and, as explained in this article, measuring out the course is also super simple with GLFR.

Setting up your GamePlan

You can add a personal GamePlan to any hole on any course in GLFR. And once you make it, it will stay available even when the course guide is updated.

To enter a new GamePlan for a hole, simply click the “Note” tab in the right side of the screen while playing. This takes you to the GamePlan page, where you can enter any information you want. It could be stuff like where to aim, which bunkers to take into account or which club to hit off the tee. The level of detail is completely up to you!

Viewing the GamePlan while playing

While you are on the course, your focus should always be your game and getting to that next birdie. The preview of the GamePlan is perfect for that! Simply drag the GamePlan tab in, to get a quick preview of you plan. This way, you can quickly glance at your personal plan, and make the right decision.

Add your GameLog to improve your GamePlan

After each hole or after the round – whatever fits your playing style – you can add a log entry to each hole of the round. Use the GameLog to keep track of what went well and what didn’t. E.g. that a “5i is better on the par 3 if you are playing into the wind because a 7 is just too short”. Before you are going to the same course again, you can use your GameLog to improve your GamePlan and get another step closer to that next birdie!

GLFR - Playing - GamePlan

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