GLFR is for everybody

Every player, at every level, can benefit from using GLFR. Distance readings are not only for professionals.

Playing with GLFR is not only easy and intuitive. GLFR will make playing easier.

The first thing you realise when using GLFR is that we use a graphic reproduction of every hole. We do this because we work with geo-survey data and not out-dated aerial photos. That means that the course guides for each club, especially the GLFR marked ones, are updated with the latest changes. This also allow us to make a more detailed measured guide of the hole layout, and when you zoom in, there is no loss of image quality.

“Jeg bruger GLFR hver gang jeg spiller, både baneguide og scorekort. Selv på min hjemmebane Hirtshals.
Vi har en del blinde slag og nogle drilske grøfter, som GLFR hjælper mig til at undgå. Det er så nemt at pege på skærmen og få afstanden til det man skal undgå, og vælge jern ud fra det”.

Søren Sørensen, Hirtshals Golfklub, HCP 29,9

The second thing is that our collaboration with clubs and the national unions, means that course and slope rating is always updated. For you as a player this is important, because it removes all the challenges, especially for a beginner, to place your extra strokes at the right holes. With GLFR this is done for you and you can easily swipe the scorecard up from the bottom of the screen, to locate the holes with the most extra strokes.

Last but not least; when your round is finished, it is really easy to send the scorecard for review and have it signed by your playing partner. This means you have all the features you need, in one handy app. And you are free of the hazzle with pen and paper.

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