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We have been through all the Danish clubs as well as we could, but of course, there might be a course that slipped through our net. In Norway, Sweden and Germany, we are continuously adding new courses. Write to us at the bottom of the page, and we’ll look at it as fast as we can. Remember to add your email so we can send you a message when the course is ready.

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  • Sigurður Sveinn Valgarðsson
    25/09/2019 16:09

    The app is missing the 6-hole Par-3 Pay & Play course at Nordborg Golfklub, Address: Johan Bondes Vej 9, 6430 Nordborg, 6430 Nordborg. So today we had to use another app but we prefer to be able to use GLFR as its an amazing app.

    • Hi Sigurður
      Sorry for the late reply – for some reason we were not notified about you comment.
      We’ll contact Nordborg and get things done ASAP 😀


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