Update the hole image

Sometimes an error occurs while downloading the course guide, which can result in some holes not showing up correctly. Then thehole image or course guide needs to be downloaded again.

If only one hole is affected, you can select “Update hole image” from the menu in the top right while playing that hole. This should redownload the hole data to your phone and – if connected to the internet – solve the issue.

Re-download the entire course guide

If more holes are affected or you just need a complete reset of the guide, go to the front page of the course guide – before pressing play – you’ll find three dots in the top right, which open up a menu. Here, you can select “Delete local content”. If you do that, GLFR will re-download the course guide the next time you press play, which should solve the problem. It does not effect your previous games on the course!

Make sure to be on a stabile internet connection when downloading the course guide, to ensure that all files are downloaded correctly.

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