Under Games in the menu

In the main menu, which you open by swiping in from the left, you find the menu item Games. Here you can see a list of all your rounds. Over time, there will also be some general statistics about your rounds on this page – but only after you have played a few rounds of GLFR.

Paused and completed rounds

When you start a new round in GLFR, it is automatically added to your list of rounds, even if you have not finished playing. That way, we ensure that your round is saved, even if your phone, for example, runs out of power. Such rounds are in your Games list as “not completed” and, for example, do not count in your stats.

You can resume, exit or discard rounds by clicking on it and choosing what you want to do from that game’s menu. If you resume the game, you will return directly to the course guide to where you left it and can finish it. If you choose to finish the game, it will count in your statistics and you will no longer be able to resume it.


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