Your features are the same

No matter whether you play a Pro or Basic club, you have the same features in the app. You get an updated overview of all the holes, can measure the distance to all the main elements on the course and of course use your scorecard. However, there is a small difference, described below.

Basic clubs

Basic clubs are presented free of charge in GLFR and here you can find the most basic information about the club and the course. The course guide works as always, but as the club is not part of the GLFR cooperation, the course is not kept up to date and the level of detail is not as high as with the Pro clubs.

Pro clubs

At Pro clubs you can expect that little extra service. They are working closely together with GLFR and offer you a lot of additional information. You can, among other things, see great pictures from the club, read the club’s local rules, find their contact info and more. On the actual course you will find that all the details of the course are measured and maintained continuously as the club makes changes to the course.

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