Register your shots

You register the shots by pressing the round (+) button in the bottom right corner of the app. You decide if you want to do it while playing the hole or if you prefer to register all shots at the when you go from the green to the next tee. Any penalties are recorded the same way.

Open the scorecard

To open the scorecard, pull it up from the bottom of the screen by dragging up on the (+) button. In the scorecard you can see Par and HCP for each hole, as well as the number of extra strokes, how many shots you have registered and how many points you have received on the hole. You can also see how many extra strokes you’ve in total, how many shots you’ve registered on the round and how many points you have.

Editing the scorecard

Once you have opened the scorecard, you can correct the number of shots you have registered if you have entered too many or too few. Use the small (-) or (+) button to adjust your registration.

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