You set up the connection in you GLFR Profile

In the Profile section of GLFR, you’ll see a header called Union Connections. Here, you can select Manage Connections, to see the list af connections available to you. Click Connect under the logo your union.

The terms of the connection are then shown, so you know what happens to your data, and you can click Connect with Union to setup the connection. After logging in to GolfBox with your union ID and password, you are sent back to GLFR and the connection is confirmed.

What happens after I connect?

After the connection is made GLFR can update your handicap from your union, so it is always correct when you go out and play. After each round, you can also submit a scorecard for official review, so your handicap can get updated quickly and easily.

Check out the video below to see how it works (it is in Danish)

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