Promote your course
services in GLFR

Dedicated club and course pages in GLFR

Present your course details with text and images.

You have control of how the course is presented.

Present the club and course

Upload a series of images to GLFR Business to manage how the GLFR user experience the club.

Club and course promotion

You can manage all content about your club and course within the GLFR App.

Customize what you tell about the course, what is available at the club house, and your opening hours.. Everything is possible for you to control, so your visitors will get the best experience.

Course description

Sell your course in words – why the visitor should come an play your course.

Add your local rules, so visitors are prepared from home.

Opening hours and pricing

Tell your visitors when the course is open and the current prices.

You have the power to add the opening hours for all facilities in the club house; Front desk, shop and restaurant.