Increase information
improve course experience

Increase the golfing experience

GLFR makes it easy for you to produce updated tee-signs.

An overview at each hole, removes doubt in the player’s mind.

“At Golf de Roquebrune Resort, we have worked with GLFR for 3 years. We ofcourse make our printed course guide with GLFR, and recommend to use the app, but we have also designed new tee-signs with the platform.

With between 13-15.000 guests every year, it is important that everybody know where to play, and how each hole is layed out. We need our guests to have a good experience on the golf course, so we try to make sure they keep their ball in play.

The course guides and the tee-signs make this possible, and the process to produce the signs, and guides, is very easy. We used the same layout as the printed course guide, with the same distance markers, so the work to produce the signs was very small and the end result is very satisfying.”

Mathieu Sevestre, Golf de Roquebrune Resort, France

Visualize hole layout

Visualize hole layout

Visualize hole layout

With GLFR you already have the hole mapped.

Customize the view and generate print files in seconds.

Optimize your work process

Are you updating 2-3 holes every year, you can easily update those hole views with GLFR.

Generate the pdf-file, send the hole images to the printer and get new signs quickly.