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Plan your next round with GLFR’s Plan Mode

When the Pro’s are planning their next tournament, a very important part of that planning is going through the course guide and mapping out a Game Plan. With GLFR, you can make the same kind of preparation before your next round, by using the built in Plan Mode.

Switching between Play and Plan Mode

GLFR automatically chooses Play or Plan mode based on your distance to the club. So, if you are opening a course guide from home, chances are that it already started in Plan Mode. And if you are at the course, it should open in Play Mode.

You can easily switch between the two modes directly in GLFR, whether you are at home or at the course.


Play Mode

In Play Mode, all distances are related to your GPS location, to make sure that you get the distances you need while on the course. If you set a new target point it will be from your location to the target point and on to the green. Use this mode while playing!


Plan Mode

While in Plan Mode, the distances are calculated from the tee to the green, ignoring your GPS location. This makes it easy for you to plan your shots on the hole from home, or while waiting to go on the tee box. You can still set target markers just like in Play Mode, and they will also be from the tee. Use this mode while planning you round!

GLFR - GamePlan - PlanMode
GLFR - GamePlan - PlanMode
GLFR - GamePlan - PlayMode
GLFR - GamePlan - PlayMode
GLFR - GamePlan - PlanMode

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