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GLFR Buddies – getting social in GLFR

Find your friends and add them as your GLFR Buddies.

This is yet another reason why GLFR is so much smarter than any other golf app on the market. We want to add an extra layer of social interaction, in order to make it easier to play together, but also to follow your friends’ performances, even when you don’t play together.

That is why you can now add your friends in GLFR as your GLFR buddies. Not only does that mean you can follow their scores with GLFR, but you can also very easily choose them as your marker, for scorecard approval. You don’t need to send them an email to sign your scorecard any more, when you have “buddied up” with all your friends (Only available in Denmark and Iceland, for now).

If your friends don’t already use GLFR, just send them an invite directly from the app, and you can enjoy hours of fun with GLFR, even off the course.

Furthermore you can now edit your local buddies, players you have managed score for in GLFR, with their handicap and also add an email, so they can approve your scores.

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