GLFR Greenkeeper

Manage your golf course more efficiently with GLFR Greenkeeper

GLFR Greenkeeper is a dynamic tool that always keeps your course data up to date.

When GLFR maps a new golf course we pay attention to the details of mapping the course including several different levels of rough, penalty areas, distance markers, paths, out of bounds, tee areas and next tee and thereby giving you a complete overview of your golf course.

GPS map of installations

Use the GLFR Greenkeeper app to map  your irrigation (sprinklers, quick couplers, irrigation lines, drainage, control boxes, etc…) and all infrastructure (roads, cart paths, walls, buildings, etc) and you will have a complete digital map, with overview and all the course tech in your own Greenkeeper App and computer
GLFR greenkeeper helps you to efficiently share information about all your tech on the course.