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Your benefits with GLFR

Your club app

With GLFR you get your golf club directly on your smartphone. GLFR is more than just a course guide – it is your club’s app. All details about your golf club is ready in GLFR as soon as you open it!

On top of the course guide, you get access to Course Status and Club News directly in the app and exactly when you need it.

Download the app today and remember to set your golf club as your Home Club to get the full experience!

Getting started with GLFR

1. Download the app

Go to App Store or Play Store on your smartphone and search for “GLFR”. Download and install the app – it is completely free!

When asked to grant the app permissions, remember to accept, to get the full benefits of GLFR.

2. Create a free user

Creating your free user only takes a minute. You can create it with email, or by using one of the well known login services.

Fill in your name, email and a club as your home club and you are ready to go!

3. Play golf

You are now ready to use our club app and get all the details you need directly on your smartphone – GLFR will start on your home club every time you open it!

Now you have direct access to info from your club and free course guides for thousands of courses.

Using the course guide

Features in the Course Guide

Using GLFR as a course guide gets you one shot closer to your next birdie. You get:

  • Full overview of the hole and all the details you need
  • GPS distances from your position to and over any element
  • Caddie function with “My Bag”
  • Overview of the entire course

Check out the video to see it all in action.

Keep scores with GLFR

Simple Scoring

With Simple Scoring keeping scores with GLFR is – well – simple.

After each hole, GLFR automatically calculates how many shots would give you 2 points and you can easily adjust it up or down a shot or two. You can keep scores for up to 4 players this way and get a full scorecard with just a few clicks.

GLFR Scoring Mode - Simple Scoring

Shot Tracking

Shot Tracking is the classic GLFR way of scoring, where you can add shots along the way.

If you add your shots every time you are at your ball, starting with the first shot on the tee, GLFR can automatically calculate your FiR, GiR and putts as well as keep track of how long your shots are.

GLFR Scoring Mode - Shot Tracking