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Your New Golfer App


Digital course guide

GLFR’s digital course guide offers superior overviews of the course, based on fully updated maps.


Distances with GPS

With your smartphone’s GPS distance calculations are a breeze. And you can choose the right club every time



Keep your scorecard with a simple click in the app, and GLFR will keep track of the rest.


Club information

Many of the clubs work in cooperation with GLFR to deliver an extraordinary service to you.

Courses all over the Nordics

You can use GLFR on all Danish and Norwegian courses, as well as a growing number of courses in the Nordics and Northern Europe.

However, there is little difference in the service you can expect on the club level. A large number of the clubs have entered into close cooperation with GLFR to deliver an even better service to you. In the GLFR app you can recognize these clubs by a small GLFR sticker.

All Clubs




Distances with GPS



GLFR Pro Clubs


High detail mapping


Club information



Words from our users

“GLFR er virkelig en god app. Jeg bruger den en del. Jeg har også betalt for at bruge GolfShot. GLFR er klart bedre og indtil videre gratis. Bla. er banens forhindringer tegnet op grafisk. GolfShot er baseret på luftfotos og er svær at se forhindringer på.
Stor ros til GLFR teamet.”

Morten V.


“Først og fremmest tak for en rigtig lækker app, som jeg bruger rigtig meget. Jeg var ellers i gang med at købe et GPS ur men GLFR er langt bedre og så er det fedt at man kan bruge IPhones store skærm (fedt for en på 50 år med dårlige øjne)”

Henrik P.


Digital course guide

With the digital course guide in GLFR, you have the course in the palm of your hand. All courses in GLFR are completely digital and we have quality checked all of them to make sure they are correct and meet all your expectations.

All courses in GLFR are completely digital. Each hole is based on thousands of GPS points, which together make up the entire course. The Pro Club courses are updated on a regular basis, and all the rest are based on available maps for 2019.

All distances directly on your smartphone



Plan your tee shot by exploring the distances


Through the green

No matter where your ball ended up, you can see the distance to your next target.



With the distance to green from both you and your target, your next pair or birdie is a shot closer.

GLFR - Playing - Collapsed


Your focus on the game is key to a great round of golf. Because of that, we made it super easy to use the scorecard in GLFR.

During the round you register your shots with a simple click on your smartphone – GFLR takes care of the rest.

If you want to see all the details from your round, you can always swipe the scorecard up from the bottom of the screen and get the full overview.

GLFR - Playing - Collapsed
GLFR - Playing - Normal
For golfers

Add up to 4 players to your game

With GLFR, you can keep the score for your entire flight. You simply add them by clicking the Add Local Player card below your player profile. The new golfer will be added a a local golfer, connected to your profile, so you can reuse them in future games.

The local players of course also need a course handicap. It is automatically set to the same as your, so remember to change it accordingly.

GLFR - Multiplayer - Setup 1
GLFR - Multiplayer - Setup 2
Play and keep score
GLFR - Multiplayer - Playing - Hole 1
GLFR - Multiplayer - Playing - Hole 18 - P1

Keep scores for your flight

As usual, you keep your score by a single click per shot during the round. If you added more golfers to your flight, they get a (+)-button each, so you can keep their scores just a easily.

If you want to see more details about a golfers game, your can drag the scorecard up from the bottom and see all details. And you can switch between the golfers by selecting their tabs.

See the leaderboard and details

Get an overview of the details

When you finish the game, you get an overview of the scores of all the golfers in the flight. You can see the scores of the individual golfers and who won the game.

If you want more info on a golfers game, click their entry in the leaderboard. Then you will get all the details of their scorecard. Your scorecard will still count towards your personal stats when playing a multiplayer game.

GLFR - Multiplayer - Overview - Match
GLFR - Multiplayer - Overview - P1
GLFR - Stats - Shots

Know your game

See how your game develops

All golfers want to get just one shot better. To help you with that, you get simple and aulity statistics of your game in GLFR.
You can see how many shots you have been using, how many you use in average and if you are going where you want to go.

Are you playing to your HCP?

The unique handicap system of golf means that it is not only the shots that count. Points are just as important and a great indicator of whether or not your game is where it should be.

9 or 18 holes

The difference between a 9 and an 18 hole round can be significant. That’s why all stats in GLFR can be see for 9 and 18 hole rounds.

GLFR - Stats - Points
GLFR - Club - Home

The golf clubs page

Here you will be invited inside the club’s section of the app, and get a quick overview of which course guides the club have available.

GLFR - Club - Info

Club information

If you want to know more about the club or read their local rules, you will find them under the Info tab.

GLFR - Club - Contact

Practical information

Once you’ve found the club you want to play, you can find all the information you need under Contact. Here you will find directions to the club, contact information, green fee and more.