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Terms of Service


These Terms of Service (ToS) apply to the GLFR app, GLFR Business, and any related golf services provided by Ingenium Golf ApS.

How do we handle your data?

Your data is stored on our secured servers and can only be accessed by our tech team. Any personal data accessed by our tech team is accessed for debugging purposes or on your request and is deleted from any local storage immediately after resolving the issue.

GLFR Users

We store your profile information:

  • Username
  • Email
  • Home club
  • Country
  • Handicap
  • Sex
  • Birthdate

Your profile information can be accessed and updated directly from the GLFR app.

We also store which course guides you have downloaded, you scorecards and all your transactions with the golf clubs through GLFR. We store this data to ensure that you will always have access to it through the GLFR platform.

Related to your scorecards, we store you location at the time of each shot taken. This information will be used to show you your route around the course and is used in anonymous statistics for the golf courses.

If you wish to leave GLFR and have your data deleted, please contact

GLFR Business Users

We store your profile information:

  • Full name
  • Email
  • Club

Your profile information can be accessed and updated directly from GLFR Business.

Your profile and all related data, can be deleted directly from GLFR Business.

All users

Your data will never be sold to third parties or used directly in our marketing without your explicit permission.

Your data might be used anonymously as part of bigger datasets to generate general statistics on, but not limited to, how golfers perform on specific holes and courses, for comparisons between you and other golfers and to information on how courses are played.

GLFR Integrations – Where does your data go?

Integration with GOLF.IS and the Golf Union of Iceland

When you connect your GLFR user to GOLF.IS you accept that GLFR and GOLF.IS share your profile information. GLFR will not store your login information or any personal information from GOLF.IS. The connection is only valid in GLFR as long as your original connection is valid in GOLF.IS and you can cancel the connection at any time.

While connected to GOLF.IS, we will automatically update your handicap from the GOLF.IS database at a timed interval, and this is the only information saved from GOLF.IS to the GLFR databases.

If you choose to submit a scorecard from GLFR to GOLF.IS, you accept that all data relevant to the scorecard (user authorization, course and tee played, strokes pr hole and timestamps) is submitted to GOLF.IS who can process this data according to their terms of service.

Which app permission do we require and why?


GLFR requires access to both your approximate and precise location.
The approximate location is used to provide an efficient and fast location for presenting courses near you.
The precise location is used while playing a game of golf to show your location on a hole and provide accurate distance measurements throughout the course.

Device status and identity

GLFR requires access to your device’s status and identity.
It is used to ensure that data synchronization between devices can happen, allowing you to play on one device and review your score on another.

It is also used to make sure that course status messages, sent by the clubs, can make it to your phone safely.

Storage and media files

GLFR requires access to your storage and media files.
Access to your storage is used to save course guides locally on your device, to allow you to play a complete round of golf with low or no internet connectivity.
Your media files only are accessed when you add an image to your profile and want to use one that was already taken.


GLFR requires access to your camera.
The camera is only used when adding a new image to your profile.


GLFR requires a series of other standard permissions to work seamlessly.
Access to and information about your internet connection is used to ensure that you get the best possible experience from GLFR even with no connectivity.