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Present your sponsors

Sponsors are important for running your club and course.

The better you promote them, and the more solutions you have to do so, the easier it will be, to sign more sponsors, and increase your revenue.

With GLFR Business, you get multible platforms to promote your sponsors.

Promote sponsors in the printed course guide

GLFR Business lets you manage the sponsors in the printed course guide.

Whether you want to show the sponsors hole-by-hole, or let more important sponsors have a full page ad.

The posibilities are numerous!

GLFR - Sponsor - Hole

Promote sponsors in GLFR

In GLFR Business you can mange the view of your sponsors in the GLFR app.

Insert sponsors at the top view for each hole, or insert a full page ad for premium sponsors.

You can even inform app-users at hole 15, about the offer of the day, in the clubhouse restaurant.

With GLFR you are in charge!

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Get more information about how we can help you grow your sponsor revenue.

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