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Make it easy to navigate your course

A course overview is a great way to help your visitors, to easily find their way around the course.

Position where there are on-course toilets, drinking water, shelters or where the AED is located.

The course overview is a great way for first time visitors the locate everything. Especially if you run a gun-start event, it is necessary for your guests to find the shortest way to the right hole.

The same overview will be available in the GLFR app, so the users easily can navigate their way around the facility.

Do something special for your golfers

Our friends at Hjortespring Golf Club, Denmark, made these great table covers, with course overview printed. It makes a great source for game-discussion after a round.

GLFR provides the printing files, and you can make all kind of great things with it.

It is only your imagination, that sets the limit.

Make overviews accessible in GLFR

Your course overview will also be available for the users of GLFR.

This especially handy, if a thunder cloud – or heavy rain appear out of no-where. Then the GLFR users can quickly navigate the shortest way to shelter.

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